AB Web Development is NOT AN OVERSEAS COMPANY. We are located in Beverly Hills, CA and are available directly whenever you need us. No more transferred calls to someone half-a-world away whenever you have a simple question.

AB Web Development is the back-end function and maintenance for all of your website’s osCommerce, e-commerce and design implementation.

Along with our design partners at Minuzwell, we can offer competitive rates to both U.S.- based and overseas companies.

We are familiar working with non-profits and small businesses. This experience, combined with our low overhead, means you won’t find a better deal for all your online and marketing needs.

Whether you are looking for web design, branding, marketing, mobile applications, social media, social networking, ecommerce, oscommerce, back-end site development, a local web guru in the Los Angeles area, or just to turn your company’s website into a money-maker, AB Web Development is ABsolutely the best solution.

Working remotely and for myself allows me to not only give personal attention to my clients, but I am able to volunteer with rescued animals and special needs children. I love what I do because it helps me help others.

Looking forward to working with you soon!